Litigation and arbitration

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Litigation and Arbitration

Litigation: Resolution of general and commercial dispute, fraud, employment litigation, banking and finance dispute, bankruptcy and insolvency, traffic accidents, insurance dispute, debt dispute, inheritance disputes, breach of contract – those and more duties our advocates can provide to our clients. Our team have wide and efficient practical experience, which handle complex litigation aspects and assist our clients with best professionalism manner. To achieve client’s goals, our firm works hard based on their demand, in order to prepare best results in reasonable time and cost.

Arbitration: represent alternative dispute resolution, where two or more parties are resolving their dispute by using an arbitrator. Such method is similar to litigation and used in commercial and other fields. Arbitration responds to rapid resolution of various specialized, whether the major factor is the fast dispute solving.


Appropriate for specialized areas, such as:
  • Technical
  • Investment
  • Economical
  • Insurance