Family law

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Family Law

Our lawyers have vast experience in cases related to family law such as divorces, adoption procedures etc

Elias Christou Legal Services maintains an excellent experienced team dealing with representation of individuals in Cyprus family law matters. The areas of our expertise include pre-marital advice, post-marital dispute resolution and international child abduction.

Cyprus is a much preferred forum for celebration of civil marriages, which can be solemnized at any local Municipality according to the relevant legislation (Marriage Law 104(i) of 2003). Basic information for interested parties can be found on the websites of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities and Larnaca Municipality. Our team provides advice on the relevant procedures for celebrating a marriage in Cyprus as well as pre-marital property and tax planning, prenuptial agreements and other.

In case of a post marital dispute, Cyprus law provides straightforward, swift and relatively inexpensive proceedings, leading to the issuance of an order of divorce. The jurisdiction of Cyprus Courts in divorce litigation is easily founded and is not depended on the nationality of the applicant/respondent or the place where marriage had taken place. Usual grounds of divorce include serious breakdown of marital relationship, separation for a period of time, infidelity etc. Divorce does not have automatic consequences on property disputes and does not automatically entail an obligation to pay maintenance to the other spouse or children. Cyprus based divorce lawyers at Elias Christou Legal Services give advice on all types of matrimonial law and family law disputes, including divorce, alimony/maintenance, property division, guardianship, custody and visitation rights, adoption, paternity recognition and other.

International child abduction is one of the major specialisations of our team. Lawyers of our firm maintain experience with litigation of child abduction cases in Cyprus under the Hague Convention and the European Regulation and provide comprehensive and sound advice on prevention measures, process of filing and prosecuting a complaint and also on available defences in case of a prosecution.